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I am a practicing psychic medium both here in the U.S. and in the U.K., and I recently received my certification from the International School of Spiritual Development founded by world renown medium Lisa Williams (www.lisawilliams.com).  I was invited by Lisa to participate in her Master Teacher Certification Program with the ultimate goal of teaching for the school here on the east coast.


I give you my credentials because I feel it is important for you to know my background before I can attest to Monica’s.  I have been teaching psychic and spiritual development for years and it is RARE that I come across a student who is as gifted as Monica.  She absolutely blew me away.  Monica contacted me quite persistently for mentoring and I was finally able to schedule her in for a meeting with me.  Within minutes it was crystal clear to me that she was special, and that she was brought to me for a very special purpose.


I invited Monica to take my Connecting with Spirit intensive workshop and by the second week she was at a level that it takes most of my students months or years to reach.  I knew she was destined to do “the work” immediately and I have been  working with her on technique and certain disciplines as well as her own energy maintenance.  One of my requirements in the workshop is for the students to do a reading for me, and Monica had ME in tears right away, bringing through many of my relatives with messages about things she had NO way of knowing.  I simply could not be more proud of her!!


I feel that Monica is gifted, compassionate, enthusiastic and driven.  These are wonderful qualities – In time, as she gains more life experience, she will round out as a psychic medium with an even greater empathic ability.


Warm blessings,



Monica Maria

Readings by Monica the Medium

Psychic Medium, Spirit Medium, Intuitive Counselor 

Monica Ten-Kate is a young and energetic psychic medium based in State College, Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia. Monica’s highly known in the Penn State area - after talk of her gifts spread heavily by word of mouth. Students and locals call her “The Penn State Medium” and love the unique abilities she brings to this college town.


Monica grew up in Northern Virginia with her three sisters - all raised by their amazing parents. Monica comes from a strong Catholic background and always does her work in good faith. At this time, Monica is going to school at Penn State (Go Nittany Lions!). Her medium reading practice has grown so much that she is now taking some of her college classes online in order to dedicate more time to her medium readings. She loves what she does and plans to do it full time for the rest of her life. Her passion is providing peace and closure to those who need it.


Growing up, Monica knew something was special about her. Out of the four daughters in her family, she was always different and she sensed it her whole life. From a young age Monica was very intuitive and empathic. She then began to feel and sense spirit energy around her! For a long time she was too scared to accept what was going on, so instead of accepting it, she suppressed it. Finally, when Monica was in high school she became more intrigued by what she was experiencing. She also had a best friend who lost her mother due to cancer and believed there was a way to help bring peace to her friend. Monica decided to treat her friend to a medium reading, trusting that although she had never been to a medium herself, that it would be an amazing experience for her and her best friend.


Ever since that reading with her friend, Monica sensed and felt the spirit energy of her friend’s mom around her all the time! She wasn’t sure if she should be terrified or to think of it as a blessing. Over a year later, Monica still felt her friend’s mother everyday—and then one day she HEARD the mother speak to her! Then more experiences began to happen - such as knowing her grandfather had passed at the exact time and day before anyone had told her. Also, Monica was in a bad car accident and she remembers feeling and hearing her loved ones keeping her safe that day when it could have been tragic. At this point, Monica wasn’t sure if she was crazy or what! So Monica wanted to talk to someone, anyone who could explain what was going on! She finally got in contact with the right person, a medium named Celeste, who Monica now refers to as her "Medium Mama".


Within three minutes of Monica and Celeste meeting, Celeste told Monica that she was indeed gifted and that she in fact had the ability to communicate with spirit! Monica wasn’t crazy, and she wasn’t imagining things. From that point on Monica learned how to accept and cherish these abilities. She has gone on to open her own booming medium reading practice that has been thriving purely based on word of mouth! Although Monica is a younger medium, people of ALL ages have grown to love and appreciate Monica’s gifts and the way she delivers messages with sincerity, kindness, and humor! Although Monica does this work for a living, she spends much of her time giving back by reading for people in the area who are going through difficult times financially and especially need comfort and closure by hearing from passed loved ones.


Monica receives information from spirit by hearing, knowing, feeling, sensing, and seeing (clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairvoyance, respectively). Spirit uses a combination of symbols, words, sentences, feelings, pictures, little movies playing in head, etc. to give Monica the information they are trying to pass along.



It brings Monica so much joy being able to use her gifts to connect you to your own loved ones and spirit guides! She looks forward to reading for you if you choose to book a session. Thank you!

                 Monica Ten-Kate; Medium

Monica and Luna :)

Monica Ten-Kate, Monica Psychic Medium, Penn State Medium, Northern Virginia Medium Monica Ten-Kate, Monica Psychic Medium, Penn State Medium, Northern Virginia Medium

                 Monica and Luna :)

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                 Monica's Mentor, Celeste Woods